The alphanumeric numbers below (e.g. 1oEE) are the “web figure” numbers referenced in the Early Resorts of Minnesota.

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  1. 1   East Contact Station (Information station)  Itasca State Park, ca 1930s
  2. 1A-1   Sawyer House, Stillwater, ca 1908
  3. 1AA-1-1   Peninsula Hotel, Lindstrom, ca 1907
  4. 1AA-1-1A   Dahl’s Hotel, Chisago City, ca 1907
  5. 1AA-1-1B   Pitman House, Stillwater, ca 1907
  6. 1AA-1-2   St. Mary’s Resort, Saint Croix, Afton, 1910
  7. 1AA-1-3   Lake Como, Hokah, MN, ca 1900
  8. 1AA-4-1A   Anderson House, Wabasha, ca 2011
  9. Web Figure 1AA-4-2

    Web Figure 1AA-4-2

    1AA-4-2   Steamship Sidney, Lake City, 1910

  10. 1AA-8   Winn Tee Pee Cabins, 1930s, Winona
  11. 3A   Grand View Lodge, Gull Lake, Brainerd, ca 1927
  12. 9   Pines Resort, Lake Winnibigoshish, 1930s
  13. 9C-1   Pines Resort, Lake Winnibigoshish 1920s
  14. 10   Fisher’s Point ca 1930
  15. 10A   Merritt’s Lodge ca 1930
  16. 10B   Cliff Wooley’s Camp, Leech Lake, ca 1930
  17. 10BB   Kabekona Springs Resort, Leech Lake, ca 1940
  18. 10E-1   Forestview, Walker, 1930s
  19. 10E-4   Big Leech Resort, Walker, ca 1947
  20. 10EE   Grandview, Leech Lake, Walker, ca. 1950
  21. 10F   Hohman’s Camp, Walker, ca 1933
  22. 10F-1   Silver Springs Resort, Kabekona Bay, Leech Lake, ca 1950
  23. 10G-1   Hiawatha Beach, Leech Lake, ca 1940s
  24. 10H-1   Lake View Resort, Leech Lake, Walker, 1940s
  25. 10H-2-1   Journey’s End, Leech Lake, 1940s
  26. 10H-2-2   Pine Point Resort, Leech Lake, Walker, ca 1940
  27. 10H-3-1   Twin Points Store, Two Harbors, 1940s
  28. 10H-5   North Shore Hotel dining room, Tofte, ca 1940
  29. 10H-5-1   Sawbill Lodge, Tofte, 1940s
  30. 11A   Lutsen, Lake Superior, 1950s
  31. 11A-3   Portage Resort, Caribou Lake, Lutsen, ca 1960
  32. Web Figure 11AAA

    Web Figure 11AAA

    11AAA   Gunnar Palm, Finland, 1938

  33. 13   Oak Lodge Resort, Pelican Rapids, ca 1940s
  34. 13A   Cross Point Resort, Pelican Rapids, ca 1950
  35. 14   Cross Lake Park Resort, ca 1930
  36. 14A   Camp Comfort, Gull Lake, ca 1940
  37. 14A-2   Point Narrows, Gull Lake, Brainerd, 1930s
  38. 14A-3   Miller’s, Long Lake, Pequot Lakes, ca 1940
  39. 16A   Voigt’s Store & Resort, Deer River ca 1960
  40. 16A-1   Voigt’s Resort, Deer River,  ca 1950
  41. 16D   Camp Mishawaka, Lake Pokegama, Grand Rapids, 1940s
  42. 17   Old Lakewood Lodge, Sand Lake, Deer River, ca 1925 (Photo courtesy Lakewood Lodge)
  43. 18A   Northland Lodge cabin, Lake Winnibigoshish, ca 1930
  44. 19A   Little Winnie Resort cabin, 1930s
  45. 19B   Kirk’s on Big Winnie, 1950s
  46. 20A   Van Vac cabin, Burntside Lake, Ely, 1940s
  47. 22A-1   Pehrson Lodge dining room, Lake Vermilion, Cook, 1960s
  48. 22B-2   Moccasin Point, Lake Vermilion, 1940
  49. 23A   Camp Recreation, wet year, Belle Taine (Elbow) ca 1910
  50. 23C   Westwood, Belle Taine, ca late 1930s  (Hensel Collection)
  51. 23D   Beauty Bay, Belle Taine, Nevis, ca 1940
  52. Web Figure 24B

    Web Figure 24B

    24B   Pine Cone Lodge, Mrs. Slone, ca 1940

  53. 26   Skidway Resort, Basswood Lake, Ely, 1940s
  54. 26A   Bear Island Resort, Bear Island Lake, Ely, 1940s
  55. 27A   Fall Lake Resort cabin, Winton, ca 1950
  56. 29A   Parkview, Lake Itasca, 1930s (Hensel Collection)
  57. 30A-1   Parkview cabins, Lake Itasca, ca 1930s
  58. 31A   Sauer’s Cabins, Lake Itasca, ca 1940s
  59. 31B   Sauer’s General Store & Post Office, Lake Itasca, 1940s
  60. 33   Little Mantrap Camp, 1920s (Courtesy Mike and Pam Pfeifer)
  61. 35A   GlenGarry, Walker, ca 1912
  62. 38B   Sah-Kah-Tay lounge, Cass Lake, ca 1940
  63. 38B-1   Nelson’s, Ranger Cabin, Crane Lake, ca 1940s
  64. 39A-1   Olson’s Resort, Crane Lake, 1950s
  65. 41A-1   CCC Barracks Restoration, Camp Rabideau, Blackduck
  66. 42   Wild Rose Lodge, Bemidji, ca 1955
  67. 42A   Kay’s Haven, Big Turtle Lake, Bemidji, 1939
  68. 43  Kohl’s, Bemidji, ca 1955
  69. Web Figure 43B-1

    Web Figure 43B-1

    43B-1   Muench’s Beach, Detroit Lakes, late 1930s

  70. 45E   Fair Hills, Pelican Lake, Detroit Lakes, ca 1940s
  71. 46A   Otis Lodge, Sissebakwet Lake (Sugar Lake), Grand Rapids
  72. 46B   Piney Ridge dining room, Pine River, 1930s
  73. 47   Piney Ridge Lodge, Pine River, ca 1938
  74. 47C   Whitefish Lake Lodge (Fuller’s Lodge) 1930s
  75. 48B   High Banks dining room, ca 1940s
  76. 48C-1   High Banks 1930’s CCC cabin, Lake Winnebigoshish (Fuller Collection)
  77. 48C-2   CCC cabin, High Banks, 1938
  78. 49A   Ruttger’s Pine Beach dining room, Gull Lake, ca 1940
  79. 51   Fox Lake cabin, Marcell, ca 1945
  80. 51A   Snowshoe Cafe, Marcel (Courtesy Marlys Baldwin)
  81. 51B   DeHaven’s North Star,  Marcell, ca 1953
  82. 53AA   Fireplace of States, Bemidji, 1950s
  83. 54C   Balsam Grove, Grand Marais, ca 1955
  84. 54D   Bearskin Lodge cabin, Bearskin Lake, Grand Marais, ca 1950
  85. 55A   Fireplace at Chik-Wauk Lodge (Gunflint Trail Historical Society)
  86. 55BB   Little PIne Resort, Brainerd, ca 1950
  87. 57   Log Cabin Inn, International Falls, ca  1930s
  88. 58A   Inwood Lodge dining room, Gull Lake, Brainerd, 1930s
  89. 58BBB-1   Fish Point Resort, Prior Lake, ca 1908
  90. 58BBB-2   Dan Patch Rail Line, Weichselbaum Station, Lakeville, ca 1909
  91. 58BBB-4   Weichselbaum Summer Resort, Lakeville, ca 1909
  92. 58D   Minnehaha Hotel, Minneapolis, 1880s
  93. 58E   Lafayette Hotel, Minnetonka, ca 1880s
  94. 59   Lafayette Hotel,  Minnetonka,  ca 1880s
  95. 59A   Hotel del Otero, Spring Lake Park, Lake Minnetonka, ca 1909
  96. 59A-1   Edgewood Hotel, Lake Minnetonka, ca 1910
  97. 59B   Blue Line Boat House & Casino, Lake Minnetonka,  ca 1919
  98. 59B-1   Bartlett Hotel, Lake Minnetonka, ca 1900
  99. 60AAA-1   Hotel Isabel, Leech Lake, Walker, ca 1930
  100. 62B   Wassena Lodge, Pelican Lake, Pequot Lakes, ca 1950
  101. 62D   Barlow’s, Pelican Lake, Pequot Lakes, ca 1950
  102. Web Figure 63

    Web Figure 63

    63   Breezy Point Lobby, Pelican Lake, Pequot Lakes, ca 1925

  103. 65A   Naniboujou Lodge, Grand Marais, ca 1950s
  104. 65A-2   Wa-Keya, Lake Superior, Two Harbors, ca 1950s
  105. 65B-1   Highway, North Shore, ca 1924
  106. 65C   Lorntson’s, Beaver Bay, ca 1940
  107. 66A   King’s Cottages, Fish Hook River, Park Rapids, ca 1950s
  108. 66B   Hubbard’s Cabins, Park Rapids, 1940s (Hensel Collection)
  109. 67A   Woodland Store, Lake George, 1940s
  110. 67B   Morrison’s, Lake George, ca 1950
  111. 67C   Emmaville Store, 1950s (Hensel Collection)
  112. 69C   Oehler’s Bridge over Hay Creek, Island Lake, 1930s (Courtesy Frank Mitchell)
  113. 69D   Pine Park Camp, Island Lake, Park Rapids, 1940s
  114. 71   Holland’s Resort cabins, Little Mantrap, 1949
  115. 72A   Cut Foot Sioux Inn cabins, ca 1940 (Fuller Collection)
  116. 73   Cut Foot Sioux owner Willman, 1930s (Courtesy Janet & Rick Moe)
  117. 75   Rapid River Logging Camp Restaurant, Park Rapids
  118. 76   Island Lake Tavern cabin (Courtesy Chris Gartner)
  119. 79   Eagle Bay Lodge, Eagle Lake, Park Rapids, ca 1953 (Fuller Collection)
  120. 80   Olson’s Resort cabin, Big Mantrap, ca 1948 (Fuller Collection)
  121. 80A   Norway Hills, Big Mantrap, ca 1958
  122. 81   Blewett’s Resort Motel (Vacationaire), Island Lake, Park Rapids, ca 1960
  123. 82   Hotel Keywahdin, Lake Minnetonka, 1908
  124. 83B   Maple Heights Hotel (Woolnough’s), Lake Minnetonka, 1915
  125. 84A   Indian Point, Bay Lake, Deerwood, ca 1950
  126. 84C   Island Park, Long Lake, Park Rapids, ca 1925 (Hensel Collection)
  127. 85   Hamilton Lodge, Long Lake, Park Rapids 1940s (Fuller Collection)
  128. 88   Hamilton Lodge dining  room, Long Lake, Park Rapids, 1940s (Courtesy Frank Mitchell)
  129. 89B   Wildwood, Long Lake, Park Rapids, 1920s  (Hensel Collection)
  130. 90   Gateway-Hungry Jack Lodge, Grand Marais, 1930s
  131. Web Figure 92C

    Web Figure 92C

    92C   West End Phillips Cabin Station, International Falls, 1940s

  132. 92E   Island View Resort, International Falls, 1940s
  133. 93   Haugen’s Cabin Camp, Alexandria, ca 1940
  134. 93C-2   Shady Knoll Resort, Horseshoe Lake, Richmond, 1940s
  135. 93CC   Sunset Point, Horsehoe Lake, Richmond, ca 1955
  136. 93CCC   Riverside Resort, Horseshoe Lake, Richmond, 1940s
  137. 93I   Big Mantrap Camp, 1920s (Hensel Collection )
  138. 93K   McMahon’s Big Mantrap Camp, ca 1910
  139. 94   Bernhard Lodge, Big Mantrap Lake, ca 1936
  140. 94A   Trail’s End, Big Mantrap, 1930s
  141. 95A   McMahon’s Resort, Little Mantrap Lake, 1940s (Fuller Collection)
  142. 97B-1   Douglas Lodge, Itasca State Park, ca 1914
  143. 99   Club House at Douglas Lodge, ca 1920
  144. 99A-1   Old Timer’s Cabin, Itasca Park, 1940s
  145. 100D   Anchorage Resort, Bemidji, ca 1940
  146. 100D-1   Star Island Lodge, Cass Lake, ca 1940s
  147. 102   Nebe-Wa-Nibi, Big Boy Lake, Remer, 1920s
  148. 103C   Pelican sculpture at Pelican Rapids, ca 1957
  149. 104   Knieff’s Place, Bay Lake, ca 1930
  150. 105A-1   Lake Hubert Railway station
  151. 105C   The Pines, Hubert, ca 1910
  152. 106   Pukwana Lodge, Lake Hubert, 1926
  153. 106A   Pukwana Lodge, Lake Hubert, ca 1926
  154. 107A   Twin Pines Resort, Leech Lake, Whipholt, ca 1950
  155. 107B   Pine Cone Resort, Leech Lake, 1950s
  156. Web Figure 107C

    Web Figure 107C

    107C   Pine Point Resort, Leech Lake, Walker, ca 1940

  157. 108   Faryland Cabins, Detroit Lakes, 1941
  158. 108E   Many Point Scout Camp, Ponsford
  159. 109   Camp Clark, Paynesville, ca 1938
  160. 109A-1   Kaldahl Camp, Lake Minnewaska, Glenwood, 1940s
  161. 109A-3   Schaefer’s Rice Lake Resort, Paynesville, 1920s
  162. 109AA-1   Glenwood Summer Hotel, Lake Minnewaska, 1921
  163. 109AAAA   Long Beach Resort, Lake Minnewaska, Glenwood, 1950s
  164. 111   Geneva Beach, Alexandria, 1907
  165. 112B   Idlewild Hotel, Osakis, 1910
  166. 112C   Idlewild Cottages Osakis, ca 1920
  167. 112C-2   Fairhaven, Lake Osakis, 1940s
  168. 112E   Early Inn, Lake Osakis, ca 1940s
  169. Web Figure 112G

    Web Figure 112G

    112G   Lake Darling, Alexandria, 1910

  170. 113   Dunn’s Resort, Pelican Rapids, pre 1907
  171. 113B   Battle Lake Lodge, Battle Lake, ca 1947
  172. 113BBB   Sunset Bay, Dead Lake, Dent, ca 1960
  173. 113C   Pokahontas Lodge, Dead Lake, Dent, 1950s
  174. 113C-2   Jaeger’s Resort, Star Lake, Dent, ca 1950
  175. 115C   Northwest Angle Resort, Angle Inlet, Lake of the Woods, ca 1970
  176. 117   Kill-Worry Camp, Whitefish, Pine River, ca 1930
  177. 117A   Tamarack Lodge, Norway Lake, Pine River, 1909
  178. 117AA   Twin Pine Resort, Mule Lake, Pine River, ca 1950s
  179. 118   Handberg’s Northwoods Lodge, Crane Lake, ca 1943
  180. 118A-1   Campbell’s Cabins & Trading Post, Lac La Croix 1937
  181. 118AA   Borderland Lodge, Crane Lake, 1932
  182. 118B   Cabin-O-Pines, Pelican Lake, Orr, ca 1950
  183. 119   Rustic Inn, Two Harbors, ca 1940
  184. 119A-1   Camp Iowa, Ten Mile Lake, Hackensack, ca 1950
  185. 121   Woman Lake Lodge, Hackensack, ca 1935
  186. 122A   Rocky Point Resort, Gull Lake, ca 1932
  187. 123   Ozonite Resort, Gull Lake, ca 1920
  188. 124   Eagle Nest cabin, Cut Foot Sioux, ca 1950
  189. 125B   Isle O’ Dreams, Bad Axe, Park Rapids, 1940s (Hensel Collection)
  190. 128B   Wambolts, Upper Bottle, Dorset ca 1920s (Hensel Collection)
  191. 129   Albert’s Bay, Fish Hook Lake, Park Rapids, ca 1935
  192. 129A   Cline’s Resort, Lake Kabetogama, ca 1940
  193. 129C   Hoosier Beach, Lower Bottle, Park Rapids, ca 1940 (Hensel Collection)
  194. 130AA   Ash Trail Lodge, Ash River, Ray, ca 1950
  195. 130B   Sunset Resort, Ash River, Ray, ca 1957
  196. 130C   Johnson’s Cabins, Rat Root River, Ericsburg, ca 1950
  197. 131A-1   Gabby’s Resort, Upper Red Lake, Waskish
  198. 134D   Crystal Waters Lodge, Johnson Lake, Grand Rapids, ca 1940
  199. 135   Crystal Waters Lodge, Johnson Lake, Grand Rapids ca 1940
  200. 136B   Allen’s Lodge, Bad Axe Lake, Park Rapids, ca 1930 (Hensel Collection)
  201. 137   Verndale Cabins, Round Lake at Squaw Lake, Grand Rapids, ca 1940 (Fuller Collection)
  202. 140A   Northern Pine Lodge, Potato Lake, Park Rapiids, ca 1959
  203. 140E   Inverlee Lodge, Potato Lake, Park Rapids, ca 1911 (Hensel Collection)
  204. 140E-1   Inverlee Lodge, Potato Lake, Park Rapids, ca 1955
  205. 141A   Camp Colonel, Long Lake, Park Rapids, ca 1950 (Hensel Collection)
  206. 142A   Abe’s Cabins, Straight Lake, Park Rapids, ca 1936
  207. 143   Pine Springs Resort, Straight Lake, Osage, ca 1950 (Fuller Collection)
  208. 143B   Twin Lakes Lodge, Menahga ca 1940s
  209. 143C   Twin Pine Resort (Allen’s), Menahga, 1940s
  210. Web Figure 143D

    Web Figure 143D

    143D   Jeanne’s Resort, Twin Lakes, Menahga, 1950s

  211. 144   Cool Ridge, Big Sand, Park Rapids, ca 1940 (Fuller Collection)
  212. 145   Pinehurst, Deer Lake, Deer River, ca 1940
  213. 146   Foley Boys Camp, Trout Lake, Pine River, 1930s
  214. 149   Stony Point, Leech Lake, Walker, 1950s
  215. 151   Lee’e Point,  Boulder Lake, Park Rapids, ca 1949 (Fuller Collection)
  216. 151A-2   Sunny Point, 2nd Crow Wing, Park Rapids, ca 1940s  (Hensel Collection)
  217. 151C   Whispering Pines, West Crooked Lake, Nevis, ca 1950
  218. 151C-1A   Well’s, Cedar Lake, Annandale, early 1900s
  219. 152B   Wa-Ga-Tha-Ka, Lake Wabana, Grand Rapids, ca 1940
  220. 152C   Eiler’s Cabins, Grand Rapids, ca 1940
  221. 153   Birch Bay Resort, Wabana Lake, Grand Rapids, 1950s
  222. 153B   Kay’s Motel, St. Cloud, Mid-1950s
  223. 153C   Lakeside Motel, Highway 10, Big Lake, ca 1950
  224. 153D   Ferguson’s Resort, Pleasant Lake, Annandale ca 1912
  225. 153E   Beecher’s Resort, Clearwater Lake, Annandale, ca 1950
  226. 153E-1B   Mear’s Resort, Cedar lake, Annandale, ca 1915
  227. 153E-1C   Bannochi Summer Resort, Lake Pulaski, Buffalo, ca 1910
  228. Web Figure 153E-1C

    Web Figure 153E-1C

    153E-1D   Pulaski Lake, Buffalo, ca 1900

  229. 153E-1E   Furtney Villa, Lake Charlotte, Rockford, ca 1917
  230. 161A   Mitchell Lake Resort, Ely, 1940s
  231. 161B   National Forest Lodge, Lake Gee Go Kau (Gegoka),  Ely, 1940s
  232. 163A-2   Burntside Lodge Cabin #26, Ely (Courtesy Lou & Lonnie LaMontagne)
  233. 165   Canadian Border Lodge, Moose Lake, Ely, ca 1938
  234. 165B   Wolf Lake Resort, Ely, 1950s
  235. Web Figure 167A

    Web Figure 167A

    167A   Crooked Lake seaplanes, Ely, ca 1950

  236. 172   Camp Liberty, 8th Crow Wing, Nevis, ca early 1930s
  237. 172A   In-We-Go, 8th Crow Wing, ca 1940 (Hensel Collection)
  238. 175   Coborn’s Resort, Ice Cracking Lake, Ponsford, ca 1938
  239. 175A   Eagle Beach Camp, Eagle Lake, Park Rapids, 1930s
  240. 178   Tip Top Cove, Lake Miltona, ca 1955
  241. 178A   Broken Arrow Resort, Lake Victoria, Alexandria, 1950s
  242. 179   Linwood Cottages, Lake Osakis, ca 1920
  243. 183A   Bay View Lodge, Lake Vermilion, Tower, ca 1950s
  244. 183A-1   Sunset Beach, Portage Lake, Bena, 1930s
  245. 185   Arcadia Lodge, Turtle Lake, Marcell, 1940s (Fuller Collection)
  246. 186E   Wausota Resort, Round Lake at Squaw Lake, Grand Rapids, ca 1950
  247. 188B   Park Hotel, Detroit Lakes, ca 1948
  248. 191   Camp du Nord, Burntside Lake, Ely, ca 1950
  249. 192   Cabin City Tourist Court, Lake Pokegama, Grand Rapids, ca 1940 (Fuller Collection)
  250. 194   Ball Club Lake Lodge, Deer River, ca 1930s (Fuller Collection)
  251. 194A   Shangri-La Resort, Wolf Lake, Cass Lake, ca 1940s
  252. 194B   Denny’s Resort, Lake Winnebigoshish, ca 1950
  253. 194C   Nodak Lodge, Lake Winnebigoshish, Bena, ca 1950
  254. 194E   Iowana Beach Resort, Portage Lake, Bena, 1960s
  255. 195   Lake View Resort, Park Rapids
  256. 197A   Creek at Hurd’s Acres, Big Sand-Lake Emma, Park Rapids (Courtesy Helene Hurd Nixon)
  257. 199B   Indian Portage Resort, Lake Minnewawa, McGregor, 1940s
  258. 200   Hull’s on Potato Lake, Park Rapids, ca 1948 (Fuller’s Collection)
  259. 203   Izatys Lodge cabins, Lake Mille Lacs, Onamia, 1930s
  260. 203B   The Colony, Mille Lacs, Garrison, 1930s
  261. 204   Pine Edge Motel, Little Falls, ca 1960
  262. 204A   Blue Front Resort, Lake Alexandria, Lincoln, 1940s
  263. 206   Forman’s Famous Spot, Mille Lacs Lake, Isle, ca 1950
  264. 206A   Headquarters Lodge launch, Mille Lacs Lake, 1950s
  265. 206D   Klein’s Resort, Lake Marion, Perham, ca 1950
  266. 206F   Haggstrom’s Resort, Pickerel Lake, Richville, ca 1960
  267. 207A   Wilson’s Resort, Rush Lake, Otter Tail, 1950s
  268. 207B   Ernie’s Resort, Star Lake, Dent, 1940s
  269. 208A   Pigeon River Resort, Hoveland, 1940s
  270. 210BBB-1   Tourist Cabins, Hibbing, ca 1939
  271. 210BBB-2   Andy’s Double Decker Motel, Virginia, ca 1953
  272. Web Figure 210D-1

    Web Figure 210D-1

    210D-1   Cole’s Place, Ely Lake, Eveleth, ca 1915

  273. 212B-2-2   Maplewood Resort, Waterville MN ca 1915
  274. 214A-4-7   Saint James Hotel, Red Wing, ca 1940