Minnesota collection #2

Lyell Henry has graciously contributed the following digital images from his postcard collection. His postcards cover a unique period in American tourism–between the early roadside tent camps to the Holiday Inns, an era which has been slowly disappearing from our roadsides.

The images are listed alphabetically by town. To view them individually, click on the link, then click on the back arrow to return to this page. To review all the postcards quickly, click on the “Videos” tab above for a musical slide show. Six locations still operating are indicated below (next to the image), with a link to their website for more information.

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  1. Kozy Rest, ca 1960s (click on image to enlarge)

    Kozy Rest, ca 1960s

    Albert Lea, Kozy Rest, ca 1960s

  2. Alexandria, The Lakes Motor Hotel, ca 1950s
  3. Anoka, Lake George, Night-O-Rest Cabin Camp, 1934
  4. Anoka, Lake George, Night-O-Rest Cabins #1, ca 1940
  5. Anoka, Lake George, Night-O-Rest Cabins #2, ca 1940s
  6. Anoka, Lake George, Night-O-Rest Cabins #3, ca 1940s
  7. Anoka, Lake George, Night-O-Rest Cabins #4, ca 1940s
  8. Anoka, Lake George, Night-O-Rest Cabins #5, ca 1950
  9. Anoka, Lake George, Night-O-Rest Motel, ca 1950s
  10. Austin, Miller Motel, ca 1950s
  11. Austin, Sunset Motel, ca 1950s
  12. Bemidji, Log Cabin Court, ca 1930s
  13. Big Lake, Big Lake Summer Resort, ca 1920s
  14. Scenic State Park cabins, ca 1940s

    Bigfork, Scenic State Park, CCC built cabins, ca 1940s (still operating, click here)

  15. Blackduck, Blackduck Lake, North Point Resort, ca 1950s
  16. Blue Earth, Tourist Camp, ca 1930s
  17. Brainerd, Lyonais Cabins, ca 1940s
  18. Brainerd, Mississippi River, Tourist Camp, ca 1940
  19. Brainerd, Pine Woods Cabins, lake unknown, ca 1930s
  20. Brevik, Leech Lake, Lien’s Resort, ca 1930s
  21. Cleveland, Jefferson Lake, Hardegger Resort, ca 1940
  22. Cook, Johnson’s One Stop & Motel, ca 1950s (still operating, click here)
  23. Johnson’s One Stop & Motel, ca 1950s

    Crookston, Pine to Palm Motel, ca 1960

  24. Deer River, Ball Club Lake, Willow Beach, ca 1930
  25. Detroit Lakes, Tourist Camp Grounds, ca 1930s
  26. Duluth, North Shore Drive, Alpert’s Motel, ca 1960s
  27. Elk River, Jefferson Highway, ca 1920s
  28. Fairmont, Wilken Motel, ca 1950s
  29. Fergus Falls, La Plant Tourist Camp, ca 1930s
  30. Fergus Falls, Lakeland Motel, ca 1950s
  31. Garrison, Mille Lacs Lake, The Colony, ca 1930s
  32. Grand Marais, Tomteboda Motel, ca 1970s
  33. Grand Rapids, Evergreen Motor Court, ca 1950s
  34. Hackensack, Haase’s Ka-Ban-Nah Cabins, ca 1940
  35. Green Roof Lodge, ca 1950s

    Hackensack, Woman Lake, Green Roof Lodge, ca 1950s (still operating, click here)

  36. Hibbing, El Motel, ca 1950s
  37. Hibbing, Tourist Court #1, ca 1930s
  38. Hibbing, Tourist Court #2, ca 1930s
  39. Hines, Blackduck Lake, Resthaven Resort, ca 1932
  40. Hutchinson, Hutch Motel, ca 1960s
  41. International Falls, Teepee Motel, ca 1960s
  42. International Falls, Tourist Camp, ca 1930s
  43. Itasca State Park, Lake Itasca, Douglas Lodge, ca 1930s (still operating, click here)
  44. Teepee Motel, ca 1960s

    Teepee Motel, ca 1960s

    Jackson, Tourist Park, ca 1937

  45. La Crescent, Ranch Motel, ca 1950s
  46. Lake City, Lake Pepin, Russell’s Motel Cabins, ca 1940s
  47. Lake City, Lake Pepin, Tourist Park, ca 1930s
  48. Little Falls, Mississippi River, Pine Edge Inn, ca 1947
  49. McGregor, Ekelunds, Hw 65, ca 1950s
  50. Minneapolis, Highway 65, Corn’s Court #1, ca 1950s
  51. Minneapolis, Highway 65, Corn’s Court #2, ca 1950s
  52. Moorhead, Bossart’s Motel, ca 1950s
  53. Moorhead, Tourist Rest Camp, 1924
  54. Douglas Lodge, ca 1930s

    Northome, Island Lake, Balsam Lodge, ca 1930

  55. Onamia, Mille Lacs Lake, Izatys Resort, 1930s (still operating, click here)
  56. Orr, Johnson’s One Stop and Motel, ca 1950s (still operating, click here)
  57. Park Rapids, Fish Hook River, Hubbard’s Cabins, ca 1940
  58. Perham, Little Pine Lake, Possibly McDonalds or Pleasure Beach, ca 1926
  59. Perham, Little Pine Lake, Van Deventer Resort, ca 1926
  60. Pine City, Schwartzwald Motel, ca 1960s
  61. Pine River, Little Boy Lake, Little Boy Resort, ca 1940s
  62. Red Wing, Sterling Motel, ca 1950s
  63. Redwood Falls, Deluxe Tourist Court & Cafe, ca 1950
  64. Izatys Resort, 1930s

    Robbinsdale, Parkway Motor Hotel, ca 1950s

  65. Rochester, Clinic View Motel, ca 1970s
  66. Rochester, Kennedy Deluxe Cabins, ca 1940
  67. St. Paul, Tourist camp, 1924
  68. Wadena, Main Street & Jefferson Highway, ca 1920s
  69. Walker, Leech Lake, Pine Cone Resort, ca 1950s
  70. Waseca, Twilite Motel, ca 1960
  71. Waterville, Weiss Cabins, ca 1950
  72. Windom, Johnson Motel, ca 1960s
  73. Winona, Mississippi River, Winn-Tee-Pee Cabins, ca 1930s
  74. Winona, Sundown Motel, ca 1950s