Ely area

Our thanks go to Jeff Limp, who donated the following 1940s photos of the Crooked Lake Fishing Camp and Lake Shagawa seaplane base at Ely, Minnesota (click on any image to enlarge it).

To read my blog post associated with Jeff’s photos, click here.

One Response to Ely area

  1. Larry Thomforde says:

    Jeff Limp’s photos are mindful of when I was a teenager and was able to be lucky enough to spend time at Perko’s Crooked Lake Resort. Almost died there! Long story of a not so bright kid. I have a advertising brochure (circa 1942) from Crooked Lake Resort. This summer I will present at the History night schedule on August 10th. Presentation will be Boundary Waters Betrayal : the History of the Perko/United States of America land exchange of 1965.


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