Below is a sampling of photos and maps from The Edge of Itasca.  The alphanumeric numbers (e.g. 3, 7, 8A, etc.) are the figure numbers referenced in the book.

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Figure 7  Arago Post Office & Fairview Hotel

Figure 7 Arago Post Office & Fairview Hotel

  1. 7  Arago Post Office & Fairview Hotel
  2. 8  Viken Dam on Mississippi near Mallard
  3. 8A  Conner & Wilson Logging Co.
  4. 10  Douglas Lodge 1930s
  5. 11  Itasca’s imported Elk
  6. 12  Men from Mallard, a logging town, ca. 1905
  7. 13  Nichols-Chisholm Logging Railroad
  8. 14A  Lumberjacks
  9. 15  Logs on Elbow Lake
  10. 16  Nichols-Chisholm Co. Frazee Sawmill
  11. 17D  Hay Creek at Oehler’s (Pine Hollow)
  12. 18B  The first Forest Inn, Itasca
  13. 18C  Lovelis CCC Camp S-57
  14. Figure 18G  CCC Camp Barracks, Camp Rutledge S-70

    Figure 18G CCC Camp Barracks, Camp Rutledge S-70

    18G  CCC Camp Barracks Camp Rutledge S-70

  15. 18I  Fire Tower 1938 Itasca Park
  16. 21A  Hemmerich Mill saws again, Pioneer Farmers village
  17. 22A  Holland Store, natural Indian face on turtle shell
  18. 22B  Distance runner, Ne-ga-no-sa & turtle with face, Territory Centennial, 1949
  19. 23  Fuller’s Tackle Shop window 1940s
  20. 25  Pineview School Dist. 86 ca. 1946