10F-1 Silver Springs Resort, Kabekona Bay, Leech Lake, ca 1950

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  1. Diane Lynn Daggett says:

    My family and I and many aunts, uncles, and cousins spent a week at Silver Springs Resort every year in August. We are from central Illinois. From about 1960-1970. I have so many good memories of that resort, swimming, fishing, and playing with cousins. I remember a young, cute little blond girl with pigtails who was a granddaughter of Wayne and Edith’s coming to visit them. Maybe that was you, Pamela Mann. I would love to come see the site again. So many good memories of staying there.

  2. Pamela Mann says:

    My grandparents owned Silver Springs Resort, Wayne and Edith Legg. I’m returning to Leech Lake this summer after a near 40 year hiatus. Looking forward to it!


    I am sitting in a resort on Leech Lake right now. When I was 6 years old in 1946 my father Jim Brumbaugh started taking our family to Silver Springs Resort and we continued doing that until 1960. The resort was put into lots and is now family homes. We found the old resort site today and happen to come across about four Canadian geese with about 30-35 chicks.
    I have not been here for 55 years and now live in Bedford, Texas between Fort Worth and Dallas. I would enjoy hearing from you and your connection to the resolt.

    • Ren Holland says:

      Silver Springs Resort is one of hundreds of closed resorts I have featured in my book and on my website. I’m glad you enjoyed your return trip. Thank you for your interest in Minnesota’s early resorts. -Ren

    • Kenny says:

      I spent many summers at silver springs resort with my parents . It went thru 3 owners during our stay between 1973-1984. Lots of fun memories.

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