118AA Borderland Lodge, Crane Lake, 1932

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  1. Jesse Dolan says:

    Ren, I am hoping this will find you as it looks like you have not posted on here in some time. My name is Jesse Dolan. I am with a company (Resonate) that is working with the Crane Lake Tourism Bureau. We are interviewing residents and guests of the Crane Lake area, to hear their stories! You can check out some recent stories here; https://www.visitcranelake.com/crane-lake-stories/ I am looking to connect and talk about the BWCA/Crane Lake area, to share some information, facts, and stories about the area. Can you connect me with someone, or forward this to the appropriate person(s)? Please reply to me at jesse@resonateoutdoors.com or contact us via the contact form, at the bottom of the page I linked to above. Hoping we can connect to help promote the area history through this conduit! Thanks! – Jesse Dolan

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