130A-1 Four Winds Resort, Lake Kabetogama, Ray, ca 1950.tiff

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  1. Shaunn DeMuth says:

    Hello, my mother , now 86 used to vacation as a choked at the Lake and stayed at YTes. She told me her 1st boyfriend was Gordon “Geordie” Yates. Is Yates still in business. We may plan a trip up there.

    Thank you, Shaunn

  2. Rick Heist says:

    My Grandma used to play the piano there back in the 60’s timeframe. We stayed next door at Yates resort but if Grandma would find a piano she’d play it. She kind of became entertainment there in the summer. She also played the organ for the Methodist Church in the summer for quite a few years. We started going up there around 52/54 time but Gran & Grandpa had been going before that. I was 5 or 6 the first time and I’m now 71, heading up in a couple weeks with my brothers. As it happens, this is a extra trip and we’re not able to stay where we normally do but did find a place. Pictured is the old lodge that was converted to a “Reunion” cabin and that’s where we’re staying. I hope I hear piano music in the cabin at least once while we’re there. They were “the best of times”.

    • Shaunn DeMuth says:

      Hello, my mother , Donna Lee, 4/11/1937 spent summers at Yates cabins. We have photos.. not sure if you have any info on old owners or nearby owners We hope to take mom up there early summer 2024. Thank you, Shaunn

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