130A-1 Four Winds Resort, Lake Kabetogama, Ray, ca 1950.tiff

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  1. Shaunn DeMuth says:

    Hello, my mother , now 86 used to vacation as a choked at the Lake and stayed at YTes. She told me her 1st boyfriend was Gordon “Geordie” Yates. Is Yates still in business. We may plan a trip up there.

    Thank you, Shaunn

  2. Rick Heist says:

    My Grandma used to play the piano there back in the 60’s timeframe. We stayed next door at Yates resort but if Grandma would find a piano she’d play it. She kind of became entertainment there in the summer. She also played the organ for the Methodist Church in the summer for quite a few years. We started going up there around 52/54 time but Gran & Grandpa had been going before that. I was 5 or 6 the first time and I’m now 71, heading up in a couple weeks with my brothers. As it happens, this is a extra trip and we’re not able to stay where we normally do but did find a place. Pictured is the old lodge that was converted to a “Reunion” cabin and that’s where we’re staying. I hope I hear piano music in the cabin at least once while we’re there. They were “the best of times”.

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