198A Ziske’s Resort, Spirit Lake, Aitkin, ca 1940.tiff

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  1. Liz Dorr says:

    My family and our next door neighbors vacationed at Ziskies for 3 years in a row in the mid sixties. I have many wonderful memories. There was a art shed for art projects. An older gentleman with a traciotomy was the bait shop person. My brother and I were so fascinated by his voice. We loved him.
    Our family would go to the lodge for dinner on the weekend and have cookies and sherbert for dessert!

  2. Susan Hughes says:

    Our family vacationed at Ziskies in the late 1940’s …….was so pleased to see these pictures! Thanks for sharing!

    • Greg says:

      Can anyone tell me where Ziskies Resort was located on Spirit Lake? We bought property on the lake last year and are interested in the history. Feel free to email me at gsats@yahoo.com if desired. Thank you!

      • Michael Netland says:

        Ziskes was on the North side of the lake. The original restaurant/clubhouse still stands – it’s a large white house with windows across the front (lake) side. It’s current address is 41043 300th Ln, Aitkin, MN 56431 according to google maps. The rental cabins extended from the white house to the southwest down the shoreline. Many of the original small cabins still stand near the water’s edge. New owners have added on or built modern structures behind them and use the originals as boat- or guest-houses.

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