199B Indian Portage Resort, Lake Minnewawa, McGregor, 1940s

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  1. bill sunderman says:

    i now own the land ,two cabins still stand.if any one has pictures we would love to see.we have built a new house there and are looking for pictures to put up

    • My aunt Marge and Uncle Ralph Soeth owned the Indian Portage Resort after world war II. I believe they sold it in 1949. There exist some pictures if I can find them. I don’t know if I have them or my sister had them but she has passed. Her middle daughter might have them. I will try to locate them if they still exist. The son or grandson of the neighbors to the east of my uncle whose name was Billy took me to a drive in theater to wee the Creatures from the Rue Morgue in 3D. I believe I was 10 so it was most likely 1948. Your picture brings back fond memories. There was a shuffleboard court out front. Hope you will say hello.

  2. carl rowley says:

    My family stayed here during hay-fever season from 1949 til 1962. Bill and Jessy Wildhaber hibernated here after they retired from a lifetime in Arizona. Tons of fond memories and not very many pictures.

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