Brainerd, MN, Gull Lake, Kahler’s Sherwood Forest Lodge, ca 1950s

Brainerd, MN, Gull Lake, Kahler’s Sherwood Forest Lodge, ca 1950s

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  1. Betsy Kahler says:

    I was Googling Kahler’s Sherwood Forest Lodge with my brother one day and your post was such a wonderful surprise! Our Grandparents were Gwen and Jack Kahler. Our dad was John, and David is our uncle. Your recollections brought back memories of many family stories we’ve heard over the years.
    My mom (Mary Kahler) and I have been up there a few times in the last couple years. I even contemplated buying one of the little cabins now that they are individually owned for my own personal place “up north”. It would be a wonderful thing to have a little bit of Sherwood still in the family!
    My parents didn’t meet at Sherwood, but got engaged up there the summer of 1950? Both worked there many summers helping out.
    It is still a little slice of heaven between Gull and Margaret Lakes. And the Lodge is a wonderful refueling spot.

    • I worked for Jack for many years from the late 50`s on. My wife and I met there in 1960. My mothers cabin was the Sargent`s just north 4 to 5 cabins. My brother Robin an his wife Linda also met there. Linda`s family as well as ours all worked there for Jack Kahler, Barney Briggs and the Johnson family.
      I learned water skiing from Jack and Robin from David. We ran the water ski school and manned the 1948 Correct Craft boat with a Norberg 6 cylinder motor. We worked with the Bleacher Kahler Water Ski company to get our skis and ropes.
      Miss Schilling was the cook and Minnie was her helper.
      Barbara and I purchased Mothers cabin in the mid 60`s and I became a building contractor that enhanced the old cabin into a year around home. Our kids grew up on Gull Lake. I grew up on Gull Lake. We sold the cabin, (house) in 2009, and it was torn down for another very large home. Our neighbors were the Elandsons. They are still there. The 3 lots that we owned were split up and the new house put on one. I think.
      Our daughter, Cindy, owns the store “Found” in Nisswa. She also lives in Nisswa. If you want some more information, please feel free to contact any of us mentioned herein.

  2. Peter Sargent says:

    I met my wife Barbara at Sherwood in the early 60s. I worked as their water shi instructor and Barbara a waitress.
    My brother met his wife there in the late 50`s. I was probably the 1st barefood skier in the area. Dave Kahler, Jack`s son (Owner) was a Cypress Gardens water skier and taught us many tricks. Anyone remember the Paul Bunyan suit?
    My brother and I worked for Jack Kahler, Barny Briggs, and Kermit Johnson. Mr. Kahler was strict and the best of the ones that ran Sherwood.
    Anyone remember the Correct Craft wooden boat. It had a Norberg 6 cylinder engine. The HP may have been 100 BHP or so. An engine today would be about 250 HP, with the same BHP. (Break Horsepower)
    We had gas on site from a gravity gas pump and stayed in the dorms. Girls in Lake Margaret cabin no. 10 and the boys across from the lodge. Jack also ran the Stillwater Inn and retained stock in his uncles Rochester hotel of the same name. his son John ran the Rochester Hotel for many years.
    Roberts was Jack Kahlers uncle and at one time owned Sherwood and Roberts on Gull. Jack took over Sherwood from his uncle Roberts. All the eating plates at Sherwood were marked Roberts on Gull. David Kahler, Jack`s son, owned Bleacher Kahler Water Ski company that made the skis for me and my waterski team at Sherwood Forest Lodge.
    I could go on and on about this wonderful place. Great memories were provided to all I talked to thought the years.

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