Brainerd, MN, North Long Lake, Seifert’s Hidaway, ca 1960s

Brainerd, MN, North Long Lake, Seifert’s Hidaway, ca 1960s

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  1. Dick Spear says:

    Mike F, The resort is still there and operational. It is now called Hidden Paradise. The three cabins in the picture are still there along with the fish cleaning house. I do not think that fish cleaning house is still used to clean fish. The dock of course is much, much longer to house all the boats.
    The lodge (or office now) is still there. They have turned most of the land into trailers and RV park but there are still a few cabins.
    My family went there 1 week a year starting in the late 50’s until 1972 when my parents purchased a place of our own. I still have a our place west of Hidden Paradise.

  2. Diane Rauma says:

    We use to go to Sieferts Hidaway when I was a kid. I live in Brainerd now and was wondering if Sieferts is still up and running. Please contact me one way or another.
    Diane Rauma
    218-587-2452 H
    612-212-6478 C

    • Mike F. says:

      This resort was our our annual week long vacation spot for a large part of our family and friends after school ended for the summer during the 1960’s. Group fish fries in the lodge at the end of the week were lots of fun. The resort changed hands in the late 1960’s, expanding the trailer park portion, and I lost track of it after that. Jack and Blanch retired to a mobile home on the eastern end of the resort property. Jack passed away in 1977 and Blanch in the 1990’s. During the 1950’s there were three resorts listed along that side of the lake however I was never able to determine if any of those were the Seifert’s Hideaway precursor. Neither of the current two resorts on that side looks like it in any online pictures that I can find. I have studied current satellite imagery of the lakefront and cannot determine the old location of the resort anymore. There are two points of land along the shore that look sort of right but the land has changed much since the days of the resort. It appears to be long gone and either abandoned, razed or redeveloped. If anyone can pin down the old location on a current map I would like that.

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