Canadian Border Lodge, Moose Lake, Ely, MN 1

Miscellaneous Minnesota tourist and resort photos from the 1930s donated by Sandy Jarvis

The following 1930s photos were taken at three locations in Minnesota: Hurd’s Acres Resort on Lake Emma, near Dorset; Canadian Border Resort on Moose Lake, near Ely; and the Indian Trading Post on Mille Lacs Lake, near Onamia.

I want to thank Sandy Jarvis for rescuing these old photos and donating them to our website.

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  1. Darcie says:

    Hello there. My name is Darcie Anderson, the great grand daughter of Laurel and Gladys Bennett. They bought the lodge from the Jarvis. Unfortunately after they passed away, those photos weren’t split between the family. I was just interested to know if she had any later photos that she may have donated by chance.
    My Dad spent his whole child hood out there. My mother grew up just down the road. So needless to say my home town is of that of Ely Mn.
    Anyways I figured it was worth a shot reaching out just in case, I know it would mean the world to my dad to see some of those old photos!

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