Crane Lake, MN, Olson’s Resort,1970

Crane Lake, MN, Olson’s Resort,1970

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  1. David Sherman says:

    I worked at this resort in 1970 and now it is no longer there. Do you know what happened? David

    • Steve Hunter says:

      I can tell you what happened to Olsen’s Resort. We purchased the resort in 1993, remodeled the kitchen added a full service bar, renovated the cabins and the lodge, built new docks…I could go on. We sold the property in 2004 thinking the new owner would continue operating the resort. However, unknown to us, this person had other ideas and he completely demolished every single piece of the resort. I heard he intended to develop the property as a single family housing endeavor; however, I’ve also heard he never started the project. Regards, Steve Hunter

      • patrick says:

        thanks you, my family is from there and i spent time there many moons ago but couldnt find it recently, now i know. thanks, skoden

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