Grey Eagle, MN, Big Birch Lake, Fairview Resort #1, ca 1940

Grey Eagle, MN, Big Birch Lake, Fairview Resort #1, ca 1940

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  1. Robert J Kutter says:

    I have just finished a book on the history of Grey Eagle, MN which will be published this summer. It includes several references to the Farview. I grew up just two blocks from the resort in the 1950s and 1960s. My next column for the Big Birch Lake Association Newsletter will be about the history of resorts on Big Birch Lake.

  2. William Anderson says:

    My father would always tell me about the resort his grandparents owned. He said he would go there every summer, and that’s where he learned how to swim, fish, how to operate a boat. To this day my uncles, dad and I go across the lake from the camping grounds to go and see how the resort has changed and fish just off shore.

  3. Tom Renich says:

    Our family went there during the 50’s (and before but I was not born yet) – and it was the greatest! It was the definition of easy living – especially for a young kid. Swimming off the dock, great sunfish patch maybe 30 yards out… Family names you might recognize were Hargis and Enns…

  4. Nancy E. Eiben says:

    My grandparents, Edwin and Gertrude Eiben, owned and ran the resort from my teen years through my twenties. I am now 66 and still long for the days at the cabin, watching the boats, swimming in the lake and having wonderful family get-togethers.
    Raised in Omaha, Nebraska we used to visit them when they owned a farm in Audabon, IA before they bought the resort,but nothing compared to spending time with them at the lake.
    I moved to Saint Paul, MN 22 years ago but lately have a got a constant itch to go back to Grey Eagle and see the old place and the wonderful Big Birch Lake.
    Many wonderfully happy memories!!

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