Spring Lake, MN, Sand Lake, Tam O’Shanter Lodge #3, ca 1950

Spring Lake, MN, Sand Lake, Tam O’Shanter Lodge #3, ca 1950

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  1. Katherine Canick says:

    I was reminiscing of childhood memories and among them wonderful vacations with my parents and brother at Tam O’Shanter in the mid 1950’s. The owners at the time were Dick and Alma Carlson, wonderful, welcoming people. I vividly remember the main lodge. There was a shuffle board table in the room with the fireplace. Alma made the most delicious lemon meringue pies.
    I thought the largest cabin had four bedrooms, I remember the room over the boathouse, and I believe three cabins beyond the lodge.
    My brother and I were up to Sand Lake 14 years ago to travel memory lane. We couldn’t find that the Tam O’Shanter had rentals anymore so stayed at Chapel Hill. We drove over to Tam O’Shanter and left a note but never got a response. My brother has since passed away, I’m 76 years old but how my family loved being on Big Sand Lake to fish and swim. Such great times!
    All who go there now, enjoy the beauty!

  2. Hugh E Carbert says:


    Please contact me. Tam o’ Shatner was the best. I remember your family.

  3. Hugh Carbert says:

    O my god! I dream of Tam O’shanter almost every day. I remember our vacations every year there. I even remember Elmer falling asleep for his nap in a recliner as a child…


    • Patty Bather says:

      Hello Hugh! My husband Ted and I have owned Tam O’Shanter for the past 20 years! It is still magnificent. We do limited rentals of cabins #3-#5 on Airbnb, if you would like to check us out!

      • Hugh Carbert says:

        I’m still dreaming of tam o’ shanter!

        Hopefully I’ll be able to come at some point.

        Hugh Carbert

        • Hugh,
          My name is Lisa and we vacationed at Tam the same time your family did. You had a young
          babysitter named Steve with you and your family. I remember him because he took your
          family car out with the boys and rolled it.
          I have a brother Todd, and two sisters Diana and Claudia. Three of us still live in Illinois.
          We have always wondered what happed to you and your family after Tam.
          Your family rented cabin #1 which had 4 bedrooms. I wonder why they do not rent out
          that cabin now.
          Please contact me when you have time.

  4. Lisa says:

    I have the same postcard. I vacationed with my family for 13 years at Tam. Elmer and Gerta Lampert were the
    owners when I first went there. Then the Redding family bought the property. It brings back alot of memories
    seeing the post card again.
    thank you

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