Waskish, MN, Red Lake, Kansas City Resort #3, ca 1950s

Waskish, MN, Red Lake, Kansas City Resort #3, ca 1950s

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  1. Susan says:

    We traveled to Kansas City Resort in Minnesota– owned by Elmer Tuttle from Kansas City. We stayed in either one of the small log cabins or half of the large cabin. Would love to have taken one more trip to the Kansas City Resort near Washkish and Bemiji etc. Dad loved to fish.

  2. G Anderson says:

    Thank you for the pictures of Kansas City Resort. My parents lived in KC and knew the resort owners.Yearly from about 1955-1960 we spent a week at the resort. As a child I remember the beautiful sunsets, wading in the sand bottom lake and walking the “Little Alcan” with my mother and grandmother. Behind the row of cabins was the shower house cabin. Behind the office was an inlet where the boats were anchored to protect them from storms. My dad quit going to KC due to the wind and waves limiting his fishing time.
    We then went to Fish Hook Resort which was located on a river near Park Rapids then several years at a resort (the owners name was Mollison) on Three Island Lake just north of Bemidji. For several years before retiring dad went to a small resort on Johnson and Reeves Lakes south of Detroit Lake. This resort was also owned by a couple from Kansas City, KS.

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