206D Klein’s Resort, Lake Marion, Perham, ca 1950

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  1. David klein says:

    Hi Dawn I remember going there around July and when I got older I rented cabins on the hill with the concrete block bathrooms . There was a pump on the hill. . If you walked from the bait house to the beech the shore with the high bank had birds in holes in the sand. I rented the cabin down by the slide for hears it had a toilet in it. and 2 bd rooms. I remember visiting Aunt Hadi and Uncle Ted . Cousin Scotty lived up a little further. I would take him skiing behind my boat. I loved to go to Cals general store . I fished there alot later on in life. My Dad’s boys built cabins on the other side of cars point. Melvin,Elmer,Dale,and Davy all had cabins.

  2. Dawn klein says:

    I have so many wonderful memories as a child my great uncle my grandpa herb kleins brother Walter owned kleins resort I was born in 1959 ever sense I can remember I spent 2 weeks every summer there it was a sheep farm and a resort the cabins were old with goose feather mattress on brass beds there was no tvs or bathrooms they had out houses and showers out side in small brick buildings and the weekly rent for a 2 bed room was 75 dollars my.grand parents stay at the man house with there brother and aunt Sarah there was old blue camping plates silver wear and pots and pans early in the morning I’d get up early to watch my grandpa fish then go to the farm and hang with my uncle Walter why he called the sheep it seem like 500 of them then the geese would chase me back to the house my aunt Sarah would feed me tea and toast and strawberry jam that she would make home made from strawberry she grew her self. Then the rest of the day I would play with my cuzins at night go to the little bar / snack shop play Puck bowling to win ice cream cones and of coarse my uncle Walter let me play bartender I loved it there some day I hope to own my own resort so my children and children could have the same experiences but I’d have to win a big jack pot for that would happen. I love and miss you grandpa and grand MA Klein and all the wonderful memories and I miss and love you to uncle Walter and aunt Sarah thank you I will alway be thank for you for bringing in my life Kleins Resort I miss it and thanks love Dawn Klein.

  3. Dawn says:

    It was my happiest memories as a child .

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