26B Squaw Bay Resort, Fall Lake, Ely copy

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  1. Lesley Johnson says:

    I went there every summer in the mid 50’s, before and after the pool was added. Loved that place! Great fishing and really nice people running it. Do you have more pictures – of the cabins, the lodge, etc.?

  2. Jim Davey says:

    I was there in 1964-65 and enjoyed good fishing, but never caught the muskie that teased my lure. Jim Davey

  3. Val says:

    I’d estimate this picture from the 1940s. The shoreline was later improved significantly, with a boat ramp put in where you see the big boulder in the middle of the dock area. My great-uncle started this resort around 1936 and my parents ran it from 1964-1982; it is now owned by the USFS and operated as a non-profit resort for disabled and senior veterans, called Veterans on the Lake. I have a collection of material about Squaw Bay and the old resorts of Basswood Lake.

    • Dave Robertson, Jr says:

      My dad ran canoe trips out of Squaw Bay starting in the late ’40s, and I did until the resort was sold. A wonderful place run by wonderful people. I’m not a veteran, so I can’t stay there now. Miss it and the Skala family.
      P. S. True story. The pool was put in after Olympic champion swimmer Adolph Kiefer visited Squaw Bay with dad. Adolph convinced Frank that a pool would be a great idea.

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