Brainerd, MN, Gull Lake, Island View Lodge #4, ca 1940s

Brainerd, MN, Gull Lake, Island View Lodge #4, ca 1940s

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  1. Kate Ward says:

    Irma’s Kitchen isn’t named after a former employee. It’s named after Irma Cragun, one of the owners. She and Dutch Cragun are very much alive 🙂

  2. Lee anderson says:

    My wife and I stayed at island view for our honeymoon in 1982. We were hoping to visit again soon. Is any part of the lodge or cabins left? Thanks.
    Lee and Ruth Anderson

    • Ren Holland says:

      Hello Lee,
      Island View Lodge was bought out by Craguns in 1988. Part of it became a restaurant, “The Hungry Gull,” which has become “Irma’s Kitchen” named after a former employee. I assume that the original cabins have been moved or torn down. There is more information on early Island View Lodge in my book, The Early Resorts of Minnesota. Thanks for your interest in early resorts.

      Ren Holland

    • Patricia Kelley Ladue says:

      The magic is still there. We stayed there every summer when we were kids – from the time I was 3 until the time I was married. We are going to take our own family there this summer and cannot wait to stay right on the lake – in the cabin we shared with my mom and dad. All the cabins have been redone, but most likely they are similar to when you went in 1982. I think Dutch and Irma Cragun have tried to keep IVL (as we called it) special. We saw the same families there every summer – the Leuchtefelds, the Latourettes, the Whitakers, the Thompsons, the Salsas, the Trustys, the Fields, the Andersons, the Thiels (who purchased from the Currys), the Yohos (also owners) and so many more amazing families. Sorry I am sure I missed a few. Some have cabins in other areas of the lake now. I am sad that “The Big Boat” no longer inhabits the boathouse and that the weekly bingo games and trips to town for pizza after (with the winners paying…) are a distant memory, but there are families there who have started their own traditions now. My sisters and I were there staying on Big Gull (as we call it) last summer and we visited IVL. We ate in the lodge and found it delicious…hope you get to go.

  3. John Desilets says:

    Hi, We too used to stay at Island View Lodge every summer. We used to walk to a nearby attraction of an old west town. I think it may have been at Maddens but I just don’t recall.

    • Bill Luechtefeld says:

      My family stayed at IVL for a month every summer from 1971 to 1984. The attraction you are referring to was at Madden’s and was called Lumbertown. As kids we would walk along the shore through Cragun’s to Madden’s to go there. Cragun’s now owns what was IVL and also what was the neighboring resort of Cronable’s. I still go to Gull Lake every summer, but stay further up on the lake. The old lodge at IVL is now a restaurant and bar (just renovated this year).

      • Mark Anderson says:

        Stayed at IVL during the 60’s & 70’s. Knew Bill Luechtefeld and his family. A lot of great memories & people as we would all return each summer. His memories concerning Lumbertown are spot on. In addition, the weekly Bingo games were also a big attraction at Island View.

  4. marjorie olson says:

    I used to stay at Cronables cabins in the 60s.
    Is at now Island View Lodge?

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