Chisago City, MN, Chisago Lake, Paradise Resort, ca 1950s

Chisago City, MN, Chisago Lake, Paradise Resort, ca 1950s

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  1. Catherine Grimes says:

    I stayed as a young girl in the 1960s early 70s. The Marrones we’re 2 of the nicest people I have ever met in my 62 years of life. One of the things I loved most about them is how welcome they made my family feel year after year. And I also love the big white chairs that were there for years. Always left vacations with a smile thanks to the Maronnes❤️

  2. Dorothy Hillstrom says:

    I lived 3 houses over from the resort from the time I was 8 til I graduated in 1961. My sister went out with one of the Marrones sons.Myself & another neighbors son used to sled over there in the winter.

  3. Leilani Dahl Freeman says:

    Regarding questions asked here…no Paradise Resort no longer exists. The property is now a beautiful city park with picnic pavillion and public beach and is known as Paradise Park. I grew up next door to the resort in the 1950s and Don and Florence Marrone were good friends of my parents. My first “job” was digging angle worms with my father when I was only six or seven years old, counting and selling them to the resort for bait. We were paid a premium for nightcrawlers which we would “shine” on rainy June nights when they rose from the ground to procreate. I spent many a summer afternoon swimming at the dock pictured here. My mother cleaned cabins at the resort and my father helped Don with many construction projects. The resort had a sizeable fleet of fishing boats for rent and people would drive out from the cities to rent them by the hour. A loud speaker system was used to call tardy boats back to the dock for a waiting customer. The cabins pictured here are from a much earlier period..I would guess 1920s or 30s. Later cabins in the 1950s were fewer in number, white as Kim describes, and had large screened porches. Lori, I may have met you as a child. The Marrones were the only Italians in the community and I recall the aroma of garlic and green peppers sauteed in olive oil wafting from their kitchen. Florence would also gather wild mushrooms and “test” their safety by putting a silver dollar in the pot. (I think if it turned black she discarded them as unsafe.) Paradise Resort was as much a part of my childhood as my own backyard. I waited for the school bus at the stone pillars at the end of the long driveway on my first day of school and year after year thereafter. I was forever grateful when it was preserved as a park.

    • KIM says:

      Hello. My great Auntie Mary and my Grama DeStasio’s maiden name was Orsello. I have many fond memories and the resort was one of them.

  4. Laura Dvorak says:

    Just wondering if the resort is still there. Used to spend time there every summer as a child. My family camped in a trailer, while neighbor friends of ours rented cabins. Always had fun. Remember the bait and candy store.

  5. Lori Pilla says:

    I just wanted to thank you for posting the nice picture of the beach and dock at Paradise Resort. My grandpa Don Marrone owned it for many years and this brought back some very nice memories;

    • Kim Shelafoe says:

      I have very fond memories of my great Auntie Mary & Uncle Fred Renalls that used to stay there in a little white cottage (?) and would have the families come up for the day. We would swim, picnic and fishing with the bamboo poles my Uncle Fred made. I ‘m sure that’s where and whom I learned how to fish and clean fish. It was so much fun and the best auntie & uncle in the world!

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