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93CCC-2A Teepeetonka Hotel, Green Lake, Spicer, ca 1910.tiff

Teepeetonka Hotel

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    Pete de Cathelineau: My Dad tore it down. He saved part of one building and it sat next to the old shop west of the Spicer cemetery. I’m currently scanning a bunch of pictures that I think came from the old building. I think they may be postcards that have been glued to a cardboard backing.

  2. Ken Hanson says:

    I am looking into defining the exact location of Tepeetonka Hotel that was on Green Lake from 1895 till the 1060’s.
    Do you have a map or pictures that can help us locate the building site during that time. The above note states that Fredulf Hultgren build another resort on property west of Tepeetonka. I know this lodge as I dated Connie Hultgren who was in my class at New London High School. We both graduated in 1960. I don’t remember seeing the teardown of either Tepeetonka or Hultgren’s Lodge. I do however remember the construction of the West Wood Inn Super Club.

  3. Steve Krahn says:

    My great grandfather Aaron Hultgren started the Tepeetonka in 1895. It stayed in the family until 1960 or so when it was razed. There are many alternate spellings. Aaron’s son Fredolf started his own resort in the 1930 on property directly west of the Tepeetonka. This lodge was in operation until the 1967 or so when it was sold and became the Westwood Inn. Photos available on Wikitree.

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