Henning, MN, East Battle Lake, Woodland Park Resort #2, ca 1940s

Henning, MN, East Battle Lake, Woodland Park Resort #2, ca 1940s

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  1. James Reiter says:

    I can remember going up too the resort every summer for a week .It was opened by my grand parents Warpy and Harriet Reiter .What a time I always had , we were up there for a week in August right after we left the tavern and house caught fire and couldn’t be saved at least my grand parents and my uncle Boo was able to get out it left a bad memory for me I only wish I could have bought it could of been Heaven for me. There were people that always came there every year to send vacation there coming from as far as Las Vegas Nv.

  2. Ann Larsen says:

    Hi. My name is Ann (Bistodeau) Larsen. My parents along with my aunt and uncle owned Woodland Park Resort for a period of time. After awhile it was divided into lots, sold off and my aunt and uncle built their retirement home on one of those lots. The resort was some work, some fun. We met great people and I have fond memories.

    • Eric Adelmund says:

      My grandparents use to work at Woodland resort for your family. We went there for years until the resort closed. My family still goes to the lake and stay at Linden park resort. I absolutely love east battle lake. I’ve been looking for some land on that lake to build a cabin on for years.

  3. George Hancock says:

    I hung out there every summer in my youth. I was friends with don and Roland bistodeau famalies who purchased the resort in 1965 or so?

  4. Karen Becker says:

    I have a postcard from 1940 of Woodland Park, East Battle Lake, Henning, Minnesota No. 4. On the back, my mother wrote that Herman Elke, my great uncle owned a home with the store and three of the cottages at Henning. It doesn’t appear that you have this postcard on your website.

  5. Jane Niess says:

    My family stayed at this resort every summer from about 1957 through 1968. I remember the store/tavern and the ice house that had a fish cleaning shack attached to it. Is there anything there any more?

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