Longville, MN, Woman Lake, Wi-Wi-Ta Camp, ca 1940

Longville, MN, Woman Lake, Wi-Wi-Ta Camp, ca 1940

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  1. Joe Brehm says:

    As a 12 year old, I went to this Wi We Ta resort in 1968 with my dad and his business associate – another father and son. It was our last Minnesota fishing trip, as he died of a heart attack the following January. I would like to obtain a map of the area, as I still remember catching the largest walleye of my life – 6 # 3 oz at another area lake. Don’t know it’s name, but remember we had to use some sort of jeep to follow a logging path to the lake. It seems it may have been in a state forest. No buildings were on it and no other boats. Who ever took us there, left a boat on the shore. We may have hauled a motor.
    Would love to take my grandsons to this lake if I could possibly figure out where it is. Can anyone help?

  2. Meredith Schmidt says:

    hi My great grandfather and Grandmother ran this camp Wi-Wi-TA in the 20s through the 30’s, Louis Miller Spain and Lucy Jane Latham Spain, my Great Uncle and Aunt ran Northstar Camp William J. Spain and Florence Spain and which still exists as a resort on Spain drive have lots of pictures passed down nice to see some more online

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