“Phishing” in the Land of 10,000 Lakes

Most of us in Minnesota know a little bit about “fishing.” However, not a large number have experienced fishing spelled with a “P.” Phishing is when someone dangles a “bait” online–usually an appealing product or service, then tricks you into giving them money, personal or financial information. Or, these Internet fraudsters can steal your identity and use it to help them in their illegal schemes.

Early Resorts coverRecently The Early Resorts of Minnesota, along with hundreds of other books, was listed for sale online as an e-book. When you follow the links you’re redirected to a bogus website called “Download Genius.” For $3.99 one becomes a member that supposedly can purchase e-books at bargain prices. However, The Early Resorts of Minnesota has no ebook version.

Unfortunately, anyone who sends in a credit card number and other information, loses $3.99, with no chance of ever receiving an e-book. With websites like this, often future additional fraudulent charges may appear. If either happens, one has been caught in a phishing scheme and should cancel their credit card.

When ordering online, order only from trusted sources. Helpful, accurate information on ordering online and phishing can be found at:


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