Waubun, MN, Big Elbow Lake, Oxbow Resort, ca 1950s

Waubun, MN, Big Elbow Lake, Oxbow Resort, ca 1950s

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  1. Lisa bomberger says:

    My family went to Ox Bow for about 7 years. It was in the early 70 . I always loved to see Miss Elle & Grumpy Grandpa Roy. They always made us feel like family. My family and I had so many good memories of of them and the resort. You should show more pictures of the whole place, ( the dock the swimming area, and the cabins. The stream on the west side of the cabin’s , that is where Miss Elle took my brother and I trout fishing.) After all these years I still think of them and the resort.

  2. JOHN THOMAS says:

    Jerry, My wife and I are looking for information on the present status of OXBOW. Her grandparents were Roy and Charlotte Washburn. I believe you mother taught my wife to knit. We would love to talk to you.
    John& Jacquie

  3. Penny Hofmaier says:

    My grandparents, Roy and Elly Fitzloff owned the resort in the 60s and early 70s. We spent many a summer’s there. Elly was very active at the church on the White Earth reservation. Otto Johnson owned a home on the lake not to far from Oxbow.
    He had peacocks that when you sat in your boat on the lake, sounded like someone yelling “help”. Friends of ours purchased the island in the middle of the lake and we spent many overnights there. It was a beautiful place and time.

  4. chriss wohlleber says:

    Does anyone remember Alma and Beck Beckman running a resort on Ox Lake in the late 50’s and early 60’s. They had three children and there were lots of humming birds at their resort. Some of the homes had moose heads stuffed in their room.

  5. Darby Pentecost says:

    My grandmother Dorothy States owned and operated Ox Bow during the late 1970’s. She and her mother Lila Swick ran the resort by themselves for several years until my grandmother’s health failed her and she was forced to sell it. She and her husband Ernie States used to go up there during the 50’s and 60’s to stay and she fell in love with the little resort and the area. She was an amazing lady and I was fortunate enough to spend several summers up there with her. I helped run the boathouse and sold minnows. The cabins were always full with families and frequented by regulars. The lodge had a big dining room where different folks would gather and drink coffee and tell fishing stories. It was a wonderful place and I have many great memories of Ox Bow.

  6. Jerry Hopponen says:

    I spent many childhood days at Ox Bow Resort, which was the only resort with electricity (from a generator) and flush toilets! Rural Electrification Association eventually ran power to the area, and state route 113 was paved at the end of the 50’s. The dock in the picture eventually ended in a T, with two benches and a railing. Roy and Charlotte Washburn, who built it, were friends with my parents and owned it until the late 1960’s.

    • Jacquie Thomas says:

      Jerry, this is Jacquie Alexander Thomas, daughter of Charlotte Washburn Alexander. Give me an e-mail if you can. Your mom & my Grandma taught me how to knit and crochet at a young age. Jacquie

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