Waubun, MN, Tulaby Lake, Balsam Beach Resort #1, ca 1950s

Waubun, MN, Tulaby Lake, Balsam Beach Resort #1, ca 1950s

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  1. Candace Heathington says:

    It’s fun to see these pictures. My dad was Hap’s (Andrew Christian’s) nephew, and he and my mom bought the resort from Hap and Mary in 1956, and my dad’s parents built a cabin over by Hap and Mary’s house. I was six years old then so the lake life was a blast for me. I remember Connie Langlet very well! She and some other older kids took me snipe hunting when I was a little older, and she often talked about her summer job detassling corn in Iowa fields. I had never heard of such a thing! Joni Meyers and Connie used to jitterbug with me when we played the jukebox in the lodge. I used to catch frogs for bait for my dad, but didn’t start cleaning cabins until he died of a sudden heart attack in 1964. He was 43. I was 14 and my only other sister at home at that point was 16. Our cousin from Washington State came and helped us run the resort for a summer, and we sold it to a man from California who sold it off as individual cabins. After that we stayed in Meyers’ cabin for the summer and bought a house in Waubun in the fall. We have such fond memories of all the great people we met in those eight years!

  2. Connie Johnson says:

    Ren Holland, What a treasure it is to find your site and see the pictures. My family started coming to Balsam Beach Resort in 1997 when I was 3. We stayed in the cabin at the bottom of the stairs next to the dock. Later years that became the Bait House. For the most part all the years after we were in the big third cabin down. Hap and Mary were the owners and were precious people. In my High School year Bert took over. We always booked it from AUG. 20th – Aug. 30th. We had lots of other friends from other states and would reserve it for those dates. I became friends with Carol Janisch who lived across the road from the Lodge and also Joni Myers who’s parents owned the cabin that we first stayed in that had been moved from where the Bait House went in. Lots of great fishing, swimming, Skiing, jukebox, Saturday night party in Lodge, Sunday noon Fried Chicken Dinners with homemade rolls, butter brickle ice cream cones. Better then Christmas! I have a great picture of Hap and Mary and am looking for others. Thanks for the memories. Connie Langlet Johnson

  3. June Jaeger says:

    Hap and Mary Peterson were my aunt and uncle. My father’s sister and Hap was also his first cousin. They had no children. When they lived in Waubun Hap was the postmaster. My sister Charlet lived with them and my Grandma Trinke from 1941 to 1943. Two other sisters worked at the resort for a summer about 1948 and 1951 or 1952. Hap and Mary retired and built a home around Lake Tulaby in the late 1950’s.
    Our dad had nine children and for one week every summer we would make the 360 mile drive from Jackson, Mn to Balsam Beach resort until 1949. Our grandma Trinke died in 1950. We have lots of wonderful memories of fishing. After the resort was sold we used to go up north even after I was married in 1963.
    Mary and Hap used to go to California to stay with my sister Charlet and her husband Dan (who was from Waubun) in the winter. Later they stayed with my parents in the winter.
    After Hap died Mary spent winters with our parents in California. Lots of memories, Nine of ten of us are still living aged 70 to 92. Glad there are others who remember Hap and Mary.

  4. Ron Eggleston says:

    This photo looks alot like the cabins where my parents took me fishing on Tulaby Lake when I was a child…I remember the owner at the time was named “Hap”….could this be the same place ?
    Thank you,
    Ron Eggleston
    Phoenix AZ

    • Ren Holland says:

      Hi Ron,

      Yes, you remembered Balsam Beach Resort correctly. This lodge was 16 miles east of Waubun and was once owned by the Woodman of America Insurance Co. It was purchased by Hap Peterson around 1930 and became part of Balsam Beach Resort. In the 1930s it had four housekeeping cottages with a small store and advertised Indian guides. The resort had an artesian well that was open for use by neighborhood residents. In the 1940s Mary Peterson was listed as co-operator with Hap. In the 1950s Burt Peterson was listed as a co-owner. He operated it until 1964. It is no longer open.

      More information on Tulaby Lake can be found in my book, The Early Resorts of Minnesota.

      Ren Holland

      • Ron Eggleston says:

        Dear Mr Holland,
        Sorry for such a long delay but I have not checked this site back to see your response and didnt see an email notifying me….I appreciate the information. I have old 8mm movies of the cabins and dock…I think there is even video of Hap in one of the scenes. Brings back many wonderful memories….we went to Tulaby Lake fishing many times when I was 9-12 yrs old range….I remember catching mostly yellow perch and my parents caught northern and walleye. Thanks again for your response
        Ron E

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